Interview with Asad Warraich – Stuart Skinner

International education consultant Stuart Skinner (Find him on LinkedIn) recently conducted an interview with our very own Asad Warraich discuss educational development within Pakistan.

Below is a small extract, please do visit Stuarts LinkedIn page to read the full interview and of course, reach out to us at any time if you have any questions.


What do you think are the key opportunities in Pakistan around education?

With a population of 220 million, Pakistan has one of the highest percentages of youth. 64% of the nation is younger than 30. 29% are between 15 and 29. Pakistan now has more young people than it has ever had, and this is forecast to continue to increase until at least 2050.

With that youth bulge come the challenges of imparting employable skills, increasing the focus on STEM education in schools, enhancing the relevance and research, and commercialisation in higher education.

But I think the market offers a wide range of potential opportunities.

The Government of Pakistan, training institutions and the industry have realised the importance of building partnerships with international organisations and creating a skilled workforce which is recognised beyond its own borders.

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