A partnership with 50 Shades Greener

We are delighted to announce our latest partnership contract with the remarkable 50 Shades Greener to work towards a greener Pakistan! Their ambition is centred around creating action based educational programmes for carbon emissions management to help build a NetZero society. – www.fiftyshadesgreener.ie

Environmental Education resources for governments

We are working with the team to ensure that environmental education, which is so critical to global skills development is central to the initiatives within the organisations that are working to make a difference.

This project is focused on the delivery of ‘online programmes for schools, universities and businesses to help students and organisations meet their environmental objectives.  Working internationally, its accredited training programmes enhance knowledge and encourage students to collaborate and take real action, and support businesses to make high impact changes.’

Asad Warraich, part of the International Sills Mark team is excited to be working towards to promotion and development of green skills within Pakistan.

In addition, the wider team are supporting their work on the ground and asking that individuals and businesses vote for this project via https://www.etf.europa.eu/en/news-and-events/news/vote-green-skills-award-2022 so 50 ShadesGreener can be recognised for their contribution to the continued education around environment awareness.

Stuart Skinner of International Skill Marks says “I’ve been working with Fifty Shades Greener for over a year and its been great working with an environmental sustainability training provider whose mission it is to teach as many people as possible about Carbon emission measurement and management.”

If you would like to learn more about this work, the wider initiative or any of the services provided by the team, please get in touch today.