Infinity School of Engineering (ISE), Pakistan turns Blockchain-Powered Digital Credentials into Opportunities to Bridge Skills Gap.

International Skills Mark (ISM) has joined forces with Certif-ID as a Cooperation Partner; introducing reliable digital credentialing services to its partner network of educational institutes in Pakistan.

Infinity School of Engineering (ISE), Pakistan is run by Ravi-Infinity Group and looking for a solution to deliver a blockchain-powered digital credentialing platform to issue, manage and track student credentials.

“ISE wanted to automate their manual certificate issuing system. We introduced Certif-ID to issue digital certificates and enhance student record administration,” said Asad Warraich, CEO at International Skills Mark, Pakistan. “As Certif-ID is powered by blockchain, it matches ISE’s expectations of securely streamlining multiple manual processes, including listing courses, managing batches and issuing digital certificates.”

ISE promotes economic development by –

equipping professionals with high-demand skills

offering a wide range of courses and recognised certification.

The challenge was, they found manually verifying pre-issued certificates challenging.

“Previously we were manually issuing paper certificates to our graduates. The paper certificate acted as a record of having attended a course, but it did not highlight the level of knowledge or skills achieved. We found it difficult to complete multiple certificate verification requests by employers and third party agencies on a daily basis,” said Abdur Razzaq Gauhar, Executive Director, Infinity School of Engineering.

Using Certif-ID’s end-to-end digital credentialing system was deployed to enable remote certification verification.

As blockchain-powered digital certificates are non-modifiable and secure, students and hiring managers trust the authenticity of ISE’s training. After deploying Certif-ID, ISE has witnessed:

  • Increase the efficiency and transparency in the certification process.
  • Increase in employment trends and new student enrolments.
  • Reduction of time spent on verifying old certificates.

“Certif-ID has met our certification needs and further transformed our student record management system. Not only are we finding it easy to issue and track digital certificates, but recruiters are also finding it easy to verify them remotely,” said Abdur Razzaq Gauhar, Executive Director, Infinity School of Engineering.

To see the FULL ARTICLE, please visit CERTIF-IDs blog. Talk to one of the team at ISM if you have any questions.